Ethernet over FTTC

Ethernet over FTTC

Ethernet over FTTC uses the latest next generation access technology that’s been deployed by Openreach. Offering up to 20Mbps of assured symmetrical bandwidth, Ethernet over FTTC is a scalable Ethernet service available at a fraction of the cost of a legacy Leased Line service.

High performance with reduced cost

The service operates over a Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) tail between your premises and the exchange, but then backhauled over a national Ethernet service as opposed to a carrier’s shared broadband network. This provides Ethernet level performance using a single copper line. As the service uses copper, compared to Fibre Leased Lines delivery lead times are shorter at around 30 working days and the risk of high Excess Construction Charges (ECCs) is massively reduced.

Reliable service

Our service is monitored 24/7 and offers up to a 9 hour target respond-and-repair time, plus resilience can be increased with an optional back-up service.

Maximum choice

Zed One uses multiple carriers to provide Ethernet over FTTC services, enabling you to select the access service, or combination of services, that best meets your requirements.

Business benefits

Symmetrical committed data rates up to 20Mbps

Scale bandwidth as required without the need for the installation of new bearers.

Assured bandwidth up to 20Mbps

No contention means you get guaranteed access speeds.

Back-up options available

Provide higher levels of resilience where site availability is critical.

24/7 monitoring and customer support

Fix problems quickly and minimize the impact on your business.

Fast repair times

Target repair times are 9 hours or less, much faster than traditional broadband services.

Network monitoring tools

Gain a better understanding of whether the service is being used efficiently or not.


Q: What is Ethernet over FTTC?
A: Ethernet over FTTC uses an Openreach Fibre to the Cabinet circuit between your site and the local exchange, and it is then mapped onto a carrier’s Ethernet backhaul network. This means that assured bandwidth services can be delivered, unlike shared broadband services that are typically contended.

Q: How does it compare to the Broadband FTTC?
A: Broadband FTTC is increasingly provided by service providers into homes and businesses and is sometimes referred to as Fibre Broadband. It maps an Openreach FTTC circuit onto a shared broadband carrier network, which in many cases will be subject to high levels of congestion due to the consumer oriented nature of such services. Zed One does however provide both contended and uncongested Broadband services.

Q: Can I upgrade from Broadband FTTC to Ethernet over FTTC?
A: There is no upgrade path from the carriers.

Q: Does this run over my PSTN line like Broadband FTTC?
A: It will depend on the carrier. Some use a PSTN line while others provide new copper.

Q: Is the bandwidth based on a Committed Data Rate?
A: This will depend on the carrier used, as carriers either provide a symmetrical CDR or provide whatever the number of pairs can support (with minimum and indicative speeds quoted).

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