Internet Access

Internet Access

Zed One Technology’s Internet Access service builds on our carrier integration model, providing you with the maximum choice and flexibility in access technologies and enabling you to select the connectivity method that best suits your requirements. With an increasing dependency on the Internet and different requirements across company sites, straightforward access to all the major carriers in a given geography means the optimal service can be provided at each site.

Best fit solution

With an extensive range of access technologies (from DSL to Ethernet over Fibre), managed CPE and resilience options, a service design can be delivered that best fits the needs of your organisation in terms of cost, performance and reliability.


As your needs change the service can be simply adapted, either through adding bandwidth on your current service or migrating to an alternative technology or network design. We will guide you through the options and process to achieve the change required when you need it.

Service uptime

Service reliability can be in-built with resilient designs, plus the service is managed round the clock enabling us to focus on resolving any issues as quickly as possible to minimise any impact to your organisation.

Business benefits

Extensive range of access types

Choose the access type that best suits the performance, reliability and cost requirements of your site.

Resilient designs

Mix any access technologies and carriers to deliver optimum uptime.

24/7 management

Proactive monitoring and maintenance of the service enables faster resolution times for changes and fault repairs.

Real-time quality of service (QoS) support

Where technically possible, the prioritisation of voice packets to on-net VoIP providers ensures end-to-end quality of calls.

Online portal management tools

Increases your control and visibility with access to a range of tools that cover service performance, inventory, billing, order and fault management.

Technical Specifications

Access Types


  • Bonded ADSL, SDSL and VDSL (our innovative Etherstream services)


  • Ethernet over FTTCEFM
  • Fibre Leased Lines (Ethernet over Fibre)
Includes a range of shared and dedicated bandwidth options from multiple carriers.

Access type availability subject to location

IP addressing

  • Single and multiple static IP addresses available

Managed CPE

  • Routers are supplied to meet the performance requirements of the access type routers installed, provisioned and then monitored 24/7, with maintenance cover for updates, changes and repair / replacement
  • Resilient designs with hot standby dual routers
  • Wires only services also available

Network monitoring

  • Portal based applications provide visibility of the performance and health of each site


Q: What are the different ways of connecting to the Internet?
A: There are a variety of local access technologies available, using either Copper or Fibre into your building. Ethernet technologies can run over both and typically deliver dedicated bandwidth. Broadband is based on DSL over Copper technology and uses shared bandwidth, although the network can be provisioned to provide assured bandwidth services.

Q: Do you provide the IP addresses?
A: We provide static IP addresses that can be used for your public facing systems.

Q: If you provide the router at my site, do you also manage it?
A: We provide a range of fully managed routers suitable for the access types being deployed. We will configure, monitor, maintain and fix or replace the router as part of that service.

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