Zed One's SDSL provides symmetrical, fully uncontended connectivity, with unbeatable customer support for a fixed fee from the most extensive SDSL network in the UK. Our business SDSL is ideal for small businesses with sophisticated requirements such as VoIP, centralisation of systems and servers, high volume email usage and multi-site networking. It can be used to provide connectivity into Zed One Internet Access and MPLS VPN services.

Guaranteed performance

Zed One SDSL delivers bandwidth up to 2Mbps both upstream and downstream over copper lines, with no download limits and no contention.

Fully managed for peace of mind

All equipment is provided fully configured, and remotely managed for you. We offer a fully managed service, backed with service level guarantees and 24x7 customer support—all for a flat-rate subscription price with no hidden extra costs.

Resilient solutions

Not only can SDSL be used as a primary circuit but makes an ideal, low cost back-up service for Ethernet access where maintaining symmetrical performance is important.

Business Benefits

Symmetrical connectivity for a flat monthly fee with no download limit

Predictable costs irrespective of usage levels.

Up to 2Mbps upload and download speed

Support small offices that have traffic that is symmetrical in nature.

Fully uncontended

Performance is not impacted by other users.

Back-up options available

Provide higher levels of resilience where site availability is critical.

24x7 customer support

Fix problems quickly and minimise the impact on your business.

Technical Specifications


  • Download Speed: Up to 2Mbps
  • Upload Speed: Up to 2Mbps

Bandwidth Type

  • Symmetrical
  • Uncontended

Back-up Options

Full range of access types can be used for back-up including DSL technologies from alternative carriers.

Managed CPE

  • Range of Managed CPE directly monitored, managed and maintained by Zed One
  • Wires Only services available

Service Level

  • 24x7 customer support
  • Target repair time of 9 business hours

Minimum Contract Term

12 Months


Q: Do you run SDSL over PSTN lines like ADSL?
A: No, when we deploy SDSL we provide dedicated copper lines rather than use existing PSTN lines.
Q: Can I use my existing ADSL router?
A: SDSL is a different technology and therefore a different router is provided.
Q: Can I run VoIP over SDSL lines and achieve good quality?
A: Yes you can as we provide an uncontended service.

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