Zed One’s superfast fibre broadband service uses VDSL technology, which delivers very high-speed business broadband with optional assured bandwidth, all for a low-cost fixed monthly fee. This service is ideal for standard business use such as web browsing, email, downloading files and videos. It can be used to provide connectivity into Zed One Internet Access and MPLS VPN services.

Fast broadband speeds

Zed One's VDSL uses the latest Next Generation Access technology available to deliver the fastest business broadband offering to your business. VDSL is an asymmetrical broadband service, offering speeds of up to 80Mbps over existing telephone lines combined with FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) technology.

Fully managed for peace of mind

All equipment is provided fully configured, and remotely managed for you. We offer a fully managed service, backed with service level guarantees and 24x7 customer support—all for a flat-rate subscription price with no hidden extra costs.

Resilient solutions

Not only can VDSL be used as a primary circuit but thanks to its speed levels makes an ideal, low cost back-up service for Ethernet access.

Business benefits

Business quality connectivity for a flat monthly fee

Predictable costs irrespective of usage levels.

Up to 80Mbps download speed

Supports multiple users and applications in a site.

Real time Quality of Service (QoS) support

Prioritisation of voice packets ensures end to end quality of calls.

Delivered over standard phone lines

Allows you to still support your traditional voice calls over the line.

Back-up options available

Provide higher levels of resilience where site availability is critical.

24x7 customer support

Fix problems quickly and minimise the impact on your business.

Technical Specifications


  • Download Speed: Up to 80Mbps
  • Upload Speed: Up to 20Mbps

Bandwidth Type

  • Asymmetrical
  • Shared

Back-up Options

Full range of access types can be used for back-up including DSL technologies from alternative carriers.

Managed CPE

  • Range of Managed CPE directly monitored, managed and maintained by Zed One
  • Wires Only services available

Service Level

  • 24x7 customer support
  • A range of target repair times available based on the carrier options ordered

Minimum Contract Term

12 months.


Q: I’ve heard of FTTC and VDSL. Are they the same or different?

A: They are both parts of the same local access type. Fibre to the Cabinet means that between the exchange and the street cabinet fibre is deployed, and then from the street cabinet to a customer’s premises copper is still used. VDSL, Very High Speed Digital Subscriber line, is the technology run over the copper line to deliver the FTTC broadband service.

Q: What’s the difference between ADSL and VDSL?
A: Higher speeds are achieved with VDSL because the length of copper used is much shorter than for ADSL. ADSL uses copper all the way from the exchange whereas VDSL used copper just from the street cabinet.

Q: How does it compare to the Ethernet over FTTC?
A: Broadband FTTC is delivered over carrier shared Broadband networks. Ethernet over FTTC uses the same local access tail from Openreach but is mapped onto a carrier’s Ethernet network, which enables a higher grade of service with assured bandwidth to be delivered.

Q: Can I run VoIP over VDSL lines and achieve good quality?
A: Yes you can as we have the ability to prioritize VoIP traffic over data traffic or provide uncongested bandwidth for the whole circuit.

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